Astek company was founded in 1998 under the name As Vopsea, and began work as an importer of construction materials for finishing. In 2000 we launched the brand ASTEK, and the first range, acrylic paint for interior and exterior surfaces. In 2002 we launched plaster mosaic MARMOROM product "locomotive" of the brand ASTEK. Currently ASTEK range includes interior and exterior paints, from the most sophisticated to the most simple, exterior plaster, acrylic, silicone plasters, silicate plaster, adhesives and acrylic plasters formula, etc. All products are certified and is ISO 9001 certified company. With the market entry of DIY chain stores, we became partners Bricostore, Praktiker, Baumax, Hornbach, OBI, Ms.Bricolaje. Currently ASTEK products can be found in Praktiker, Bricostore-HomeDepot and Brick. Astek company is part of a group of companies in which there are 2 factories and brick-Buzau Cobadin- a factory polystyrene and polypropylene bags factory polietilena- a factory filler / CaCO3- . The company's objective is to maintain confidence ASTEK products by maintaining quality, responsiveness to new technologies and formulations by launching new products and improving existing ones and adapt to market demands and customer needs. We thank our customers and we hope that in the future we can satisfied the most demanding requirements. Visit Praktiker is our reliable partner!

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